Monday, March 22, 2010

Anatomical Vinyl

18" Mega Munny. Monkey Muscles

"Coolvader" written in brains.

18" Mega Munny for Munnyworld Custom Show in Soho, NYC

. . . and it was featured on

8" Anatomical Dunny set

Muscle Dunny

Organ Dunny

Skull Dunny

8" Dissected King Ken.

8" Dissected Possessed.

8" Dissected Possessed II.

12" Dissected Panda Qee.

7" El Panda Dissected.

8" Skull & Guts Dunny

7" Munny Commissioned by YRB magazine.

... the layout.

Wood Grain Pattern

Featured in these self-made animations.

Munnys on Mushrooms.

Munny on Mushrooms pt. 2: Spore Spawn

Dunnys on Mushrooms

Wood Grains Selected by American Illustration 27

10" Wood Grain Smoking Labbit

16" WoodBrain Qee.

Fruit Munnys

4" Watermelon Mini Munny and Mobile.

18" Watermelon Mega Munny. back of head detail.

18" Watermelon Mega Munny

7" Watermelon Munny.

18" Orange Mega Munny. back of head detail

18" Orange Mega Munny

7" Orange Munny

3" Dunnys: Scales, Guts, and Bling

20" Octopod/Scale Dunny.

8" Scale Dunny. 1st Dunny I painted.

7" Glow in the Dark Scale Munny

3" Dunny Armies

Vader Eye Army.

Vader Skull Army

Vader Scale Army

Candy Cane Style

Hidden signature on Mega Munny foot

Coolvader Munny

Grayscale Munny

3rd Eye Munnys

3rd Eye Munny II

Silverback Munny.